I want to edit a contact before calling. Let's say I dialed a number by mistake: I don't add 0 for an out-of-state number.

In earlier basic non-smartphones, you had an option in the call history where you could edit the number before calling. So I would just use that it would show me the entire number to edit then I add the zero of change the number if I have typed it wrong.

I just can't find this feature in Android I am searching for this on Google and it seems only those on Windows phones are missing this feature and have posted it in Android forums.

How to edit the number before calling on Android?

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    May 26, 2015 at 10:51
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An alternative app as an answer that features the desired option.

In addition to the answer by Sameer, you may use an app like Truedialer and follow these instructions:

Install and launch this app → tap contacts icon at the bottom (extreme left) → hold the contact entry you want to edit before call → tap Edit number before call → now you can edit and call.


One way is you can copy the number, paste it into the dialer, and edit it.

To copy, click on the photo of the particular contact and you will see the number. Long press on it and select copy to clipboard.

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