I'm in a weird predicament with my Nexus 5. I rooted easily when I first got it then 5.1 was rolling out and I really wanted to upgrade and did, then I was able to reapply the root access but didn't really use anything required root access enough to care. Now my OTA is ready for 5.1.1 so I clicked install (when the notification popped up) and it went into the recovery bit which is the twrp mod and cuts of the rest of the install process. I think. Can i remove twrp without losing my phones data and apply this update or is there an easier work around perhaps? My boot loader is also unlocked, I just really can't be bothered to flash a new ROM (although cataclysm looks fun) and then sort out all my apps and settings again.

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Download the 5.1 factory image, Then extract the tgz, you will find a zip file, copy recovery.img to the same directory that have the fastboot file

Reboot to bootloader and connect to PC then open terminal or cmd 'Windows' and type that:

fastboot flash recovery recovery.img

then enter, then wait to finish and now everything is good!

  • After extracting out recovery image (recovery.img), you can also flash it using apps like Flashify or Rashr (they will need root access), in case you arent comfortable with using adb and fastboot. Commented May 28, 2015 at 8:38
  • Thanks for the help. In the end however I went ahead and used a Cataclysm ROM, I think it's worked out for the best.
    – shmink
    Commented May 31, 2015 at 1:47

Yes, you can just flash the recovery and you won't lose any data.

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