I have installed syncthing on my Windows desktop and on my android 2.3.3 based phone. The nodes are talking and I see that I am connected to the windows desktop. I successfully sync'd a folder from my mobile phone to the desktop, so I believe the connection is working. The Android UI shows the connection as present to the desktop.

I selected the mobile phone device in the "Share With Devices" section of the desktop folder' configuration from the desktop syncthing localhost web UI, but I can't figure out how to add the Windows directory to be sync'd onto the phone.

In the Android syncthing UI, how can I sync an entire folder from the desktop machine to the mobile phone?

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Here's what I did.

Firstly I was in the same situation - devices were visible to each other, windows had the files, android did not.

I created a folder on android with syncthing and gave it the same name as my folder on the PC ( not essential ) but crucially, I used the same folder ID as the folder on the server.

Then I selected the server ( slide switch on ) and saved my folder in android. Now they are syncing files.

Summary make sure your folders have the same folder ID (on the general tab).

Hope this helps. Please give it approved answer if it solves.

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    This worked for me!
    – thdox
    Commented Jan 2, 2020 at 7:19

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