My boss can't open attachments in his Lenovo K3 NOTE and all he got was a winmail.dat file. What settings should I use to get rid of winmail.dat file and open the attachments?


Microsofts Outlook e-mail program sometimes sends e-mail attachments as "Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format" (TNEF). This attachment is usually named "WINMAIL.DAT".

You should install the Winmail.dat Opener(1.7mb) or Free Winmail Viewer(6.9mb) app from the play-store. Opening the file will reveal you multiple files packed into it just like a zip file.

How to open a winmail.dat file?

  1. Select Winmail.dat Opener from the context menu of the winmail.dat attachment.
  2. Start Winmail.dat Opener and use the built-in file dialog to select a previously saved winmail.dat file. Once you are at the contained files list, you can long click a file to open it or select files and click the "save" icon from the action bar to save all selected files to the sdcard. All files will be saved to a directory called "winmaildatopener".
  3. After successful export of a file to this directoy an open file dialog will enable you to start further actions, like open, share on the exported files.

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