I recently installed cyanogemod 12 unofficial version on my xiaomi redmi 1s.But whenever I try to lock a folder on my home screen it says "Unfortunately trebuchet has stopped working".I want to know if it can be fixed.

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Method 1: Clearing data and cache

  • Go to system Settings > Apps > Open “All” tab > Select Trebuchet

  • Click Force Close> Clear data and Clear cache of Trebuchet

  • Restart the phone

Method 2: Install a different launcher

  • Install a different launcher like Nova or Apex and set is as default launcher
  • Since you already have Trebuchet it might conflict with the new launcher so with root explorer or file explorer go to System > Apps > Delete/Rename Trebuchet to something else

Method 3: Weird fix

  • Simply press menu button and you should see “Trebuchet Settings” ( If you still can’t find the Trebuchet settings, install a launcher like Apex or Nova > Widgets > Activities > Trebuchet > Preferences. Now you can access Trebuchet Settings/Preferences from Homescreen.)
  • From Trebuchet Preferences > Go to Dock Divider deselect and reselect it.
  • From Trebuchet Preferences > Homescreen> Set the number of Homescreen to 7.
  • From Trebuchet Preferences > Homescreen> Enable search bar.



Note: this is probably specific to latest Android 5x updates which are pushed out by Cyanogen.

You need to enable Google (Search ) App if it is disabled. You can find it in Settings → Apps → Disabled section.

Here is another specific fix.


Wipe cache and data in recovery. Reboot.

If problem persists install latest version of Cyanogenmod (dont dirty flash) ---> CM12.1 R8 link

  • how do I "Wipe cache and data in recovery" Apr 26, 2016 at 10:28

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