I have a custom VPN made at home, and after connecting to it on a computer and access a samba to copy a file, it works and copies the file with ~5MB/s.(WIRED)

But when i do the same operation on an android phone it copies with ~50KB/s.(WIRELESS)

my settings are pretty usual: i have a vpn with: type: PPTP server address: MY HOME IP activated PPP encryption (MPPE)

and that's it, no other settings.

am i missing something? any ideas? thanks a lot!

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The transfer speed via a wired connection will always be more than the wireless connection. Additionally few other factors that can affect your throughput are:

  1. Interferences from other devices in the wireless routers vicinity. You could tweak the channel settings in your router to select a less crowded channel.

  2. The ability of your phone's wireless chip to support high throughput. Here is some info on wireless transfer from Intel.


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