On my SMS messaging app (Go SMS Pro)I can lock individual messages within a thread/conversation so that if I want to delete the majority of my messages from a sender I can still save important ones and prevent them from being deleted. With WhatsApp it seems I can only delete an entire message thread and there is no way of saving individual messages within a thread. Is this correct or have I missed something? Many thanks


This is correct

There is no way currently to lock individual messages to prevent them from being deleted according to WhatsApp Support.

You can, however, select several messages to be exported:

Click on Options > Settings > Chat History > Send chat history.

You will then be able to send your chat history via email or through some other application.


Though there is no official way, there's still a work around.

  1. Star the messages you want to keep.

  2. Then go to chat>Options>Clear chat

  3. It will prompt you with three options.

  4. Go with "Clear except Starred"

    And you're good to go.

  • Yes. That's a useful workaround +1 – beeshyams Dec 12 '18 at 12:29

As far as I understand there is no option to lock individual messages in WhatsApp. But I do it in a different way.

You can create a Whatsapp group by adding anybody, then remove that person. Now, the group includes one member only; that is you.

Any important messages you can forward to this GROUP so that they will remain there as long as you want. However, it can not be locked with a password. But you can clear other group chats if you want.

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