I am considering buying a Motorola Xoom to get rid of piles of notes that I have from uni.

My questions are:

  • Does the Xoom have a digitizer pen (or can you buy a compatible one)?
  • Does Android have an app to make notes on pdf files?

I do not believe there are any Android applications that will allow you to make notes on PDF files. You might be better off looking towards a Windows capable tablet, since you would be able to run Acrobat on that.


I dont think the xoom can be used with a pen, it wasnt designed for that, i have a xoom and all i use it for is browsing the internet and playing games, it could be a very useful tool for taking notes and such with the onscreen keyboard and i think it is very handy to have. It has a ton of hard drive space and if you download a good app that lets you take notes then i think it would be good for you, if you dont like typing your notes and you want to actually write them then i dont think the xoom is good for that. you could try using a pen with it but it could scratch the screen, you could ask someone at an at&t or verison store if they would recommend a tablet that suits your needs.

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