Whenever I hit the button to start tracking my sleeping, Sleep As Android warns 'Titanium Backup' may break sleep tracking!

I was wondering under what circumstances does this happen and how to prevent it? It's kind of really important to have an alarm.

I found a little information on Google Groups.


This appears to be because you can schedule backups within Titanium Backup, and when backing up the 'Sleep As Android' app Titanium Backup may/will kill the application in order to perform the backup. By doing this the app will no longer track you sleep or wake you up at the required time. I don't think that simply having Titanium Backup installed will break the sleep tracking.

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    +1: TiBu will definitely need to stop the app in order to back it up (I'm not sure if it also "restarts" it afterwards – there are at least two different ways to stop an app). The Schedules are exactly what I think stands behind the warning. I fully agree just having TiBu installed is a danger here, not even schedules in general (Sleep As Android can hardly tell what exactly is scheduled – could as well be a simple "Backup SMS to XML" ;) Note the word may in the warning: It might as well not :) – Izzy Jun 9 '15 at 8:58

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