Is there anyway to filter only for honeycomb optimized apps no market? I have a Motorola Xoom and wants to filter for all apps that looks good on my device.


I think the best you can do at this point is to use the "Featured Tablet Apps" page in the Market (this may be region-limited, it seems). The web version seems to have more apps listed than the tablet section on Honeycomb's Market app.

You could also log into the Market website and filter searches based on whether or not the apps are compatible with your device (the Xoom, in this case), but the fact that they're compatible doesn't mean they're "optimized" for tablet so I suppose that's not quite the same.

For games you could also install Nvidia's Tegra Zone app, but it's technically just designed for anything optimized for Tegra chips (so the Atrix would be included but is not a tablet form factor). Most of the games seem to be made with larger devices in mind, though.


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