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unwanted folders showing up in gallery (bejeweled 2). can they be removed?

I had installed a few application and games, for example beautiful widgets, and several weather widgets etc just to experiment.

After that I have flashed my phone several times, installed different roms, and wiped cache and phone, and did not re-install the apps. But what I see is that the pictures still show up in my phones gallery. How can I remove them.

And how can I make sure files from apps do not show up in my phones gallery app.

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Those apps probably cached the images on the sdcard. You can go though and delete the cache for the applications. Some could be in /sdcard/android/<package-name>/, some apps may just create a directory somewhere on the sdcard root.

You can also look at unwanted folders showing up in gallery (bejeweled 2). can they be removed?. It will tell you how to stop images from showing in the gallery, if you still have the application installed.

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