I've a new Lollipop smartphone (LG Spirit), i've Sygic Gps, but when i download maps, Android save it to internal memory. I've moved them to sd card (cut and paste), but when i start sygic it asks again which maps i would like to download. Is there an hack i can do to make it work ?


I guess you might have been doing it wrong or maybe the feature to switch to sd card storage was not yet introduced yet in the Sygic version.

According to instructions given on Sygic help, try the the following:

Depending on your device specifications and settings, Sygic files will install either to your SD card, or in your device's internal memory. If you want the Sygic files to be installed specifically to your SD card, please follow these steps:

  1. before installing Sygic on your device, select the option Store new apps on SD card

enter image description here


  1. If you already have Sygic installed on your device, you can change the storage location at any time, via the settings in the application. Just go to Menu → Settings and tap on "Maps and Data storage" then choose the removable sd card option

enter image description here enter image description here

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