Rom Toolbox Pro Crashes! I'm using rooted 4.1.2 Xperia P. I used this app to change my stock Font and Boot Animation. It ran so perfectly then. Then I deleted some of the boot animation downloaded by that app (those animations which I downloaded and Previewed) but I kept my Stock animation and the one I used. I didn't delete anything else! Then I opened the app and it crashed! ''Unfortunately Rom Toolbox Pro has stopped'' I wiped cache & then data and when it didn't run I REinstalled it. But still it didn't work!! So, I wiped dalvik-cache of only this app. But still no change! What should I do? I use this app almost everyday. Please help me!


Sorry I cannot add comment for some reason. Well you can try these:

  • Install catlog or anyother logger
  • set on error.
  • install RTP and run.
  • Open catlog and save. It should contain the errors.
  • Post here.

After that.

  • Delete its data folder in /data/data/ (something like com.jrummy....).
  • Uninstall.
  • Rename and move its folder found on ur sdcard (romtoolbox) somewhere else.
  • Install a previous version.
  • Try.
  • If not uninstall and try Rom Toolbox Lite.
  • Let the dev know about it... Include the log.

If these doesnt work I can give a previous version which works on mine with its data. Hope it helps!

  • It would help and ease to follow the answer if you mention the links for the resources that needs to be downloaded. (e.g. Google RTP at first and you get this wiki which is unrelated to answer.)
    – Firelord
    Jun 13 '15 at 18:57

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