My Droid Turbo (Android v.4.4.4) has developed a problem. When I make calls nobody can hear me, but as soon as I hit the speakerphone button everything is fine. I'd take the phone back to Verizon for a replacement, but it's the same microphone in both situations, right? So how could it be a hardware problem? Is there maybe a volume setting somewhere I need to tweak?

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Lots of phones have more than one microphone on them. I know for a fact that my Oneplus One has three, and I think your phone has four. If that's the case then it could be a hardware issue. before taking it back do a full reset and see whether that helps. At least then that eliminates the possibility of a software error.


My LG G5 running Android version 8 developed the same problem earlier this year but the cause ended up being the case I was using because I had no problem while the computer was not in a case and the two cases I bought since then, an Otter Box Defender and Otter Box Symmetry, do not seem to cause a problem for the microphone but the transparent plastic case from Amazon that I was using from 2022 to earlier in 2023 seems to have begun blocking the sound from the microphone during handset calls but not speakerphone calls. Was the original poster using a case? If yes then did they try without the case?

  • The critical bit is that there are at least 2 microphones. And one or more of them are getting blocked by the case. Sep 14, 2023 at 20:30

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