I know little about the Android Wear Watches, and want to know if I would be able to use it for dictation. Specifically I want to use it to quickly record ideas while I'm in the middle of something where it's not practical to get out my phone and do it.

Does it have a microphone, and would it be able to do speech recognition? And how quick/easy would it be to make it start recording/interpreting? I would probably have my phone in my pocket, paired by bluetooth, if that helps.


The Android Wear watch has a feature called: OK Google... your_command. To use it download Google Now on your android phone. You can talk to your watch anytime you want and use commands like:

  • set an alarm
  • set a timer for 10 minutes
  • call Steve
  • text Steve, how are you?
  • open <your_app> //example: open Google Maps
  • take a note, buy cat food at the supermarket.
  • remind me over 10 minutes, buy cat food at the supermarket.
  • hello //use this command to see a list of available commands.

Hope my answer helps you!

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