I had let someone use my phone and they had bluetoothed some files to their own phone and im trying to find what they had sent so i know whether or not to worry about any private stuff being exposed.. my phone is an lg optimus f60 running 4.4.2


In my Android 4.2.1 the default Bluetooth share app records the sent/received files in a history which can be accessed by launching Bluetooth app → tap Menu key and choose Show received files. There you can see all the Downloaded as well as Uploaded(sent from your phone) files.

My Bluetooth app doesn't provide any option to delete those entries so I'm rest assured to know what was sent/received using my device's Bluetooth, unless the data was cleared from Settings → Apps.

That said, the solution is demanded for Android 4.4.x, and in this case the solution is bit lengthy.

BT share app in my Android 4.4.2 and 5.0 records the sent/received files in a database file.

If you've root access:

  1. Download an SQlite viewer/editor from Play Store (I prefer SQLite Editor),

  2. Launch it and find BT share or whatsoever the name is in your Android under Apps tab,

  3. Choose the database (btopp.db in my device),

  4. Open the tables there (btopp in my case). One of the tables would be having the entries of sent/received files,

  5. If the device is really yours then you would know by a mere look what was sent/received from and into your device. Anyhow, the value 0 in column Direction indicates Sent and 1 indicates Received.

    There's more here. Received file entries start with content: in the Name column while Sent ones start with file:.

If you don't have root access:

  1. Take a backup of BT Share app using adb backup <PARAMS>,

  2. Extract the backup using Android Backup Extractor and locate the .db file under databases in the extracted content.

  3. You can either follow the aforesaid steps 1-4 with exception of using Files tab and not Apps tab in step 2, or

  4. You may download a software like DB Browser for SQLite and follow aforesaid (under root access section) step 3 and 4 .

We're good to go!

  • Note that nothing in the solution would possibly work if that user cleared data from Settings -> Apps.
    – Firelord
    Jun 18 '15 at 1:54

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