I rooted my Motorola Razr XT910 already, then I followed the process and everything went excellent. But when I wiped my data, cache, and the dalvik cache, and then choosing install zip, I received the message that the process aborted!

I realized that I didn't backup and reset. So my ROM (the last one) was gone! I thought to transfer other files for the ROM I wanted to install, but everything said that it aborted! All of them.

Every time I plugged my phone LED color was white. I thought it means that there is no battery, and the computer isn't strong enough to charge the phone.

  • I plugged it into the wall and it turned on showing Motorola's logo (happens every time you turn it on) and remains stuck on that logo.
  • I plugged it out and the logo was gone.
  • I plugged back in and the logo showed up again, so I thought it's just the battery. After 12 hours and more the logo was still there.
  • I plugged out the phone from charging, and the logo stayed there.
  • I plugged it into the computer and the white LED light lit up.

How do I resolve this highly problematic issue?

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Try downloading the correct ROM. It seems like your .zip file is not adequate.

To transfer it to the phone, enter recovery, and then tranfer either byadb push command, or by entering "ADB sideload" option (in recovery), and then using adb sideload command on PC.

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