I installed CM 5.1.1 and restored a ton of apps with Titanium Backup.

Now my Wifi is bugged: When I enter a known Wifi network the phone connects to the wifi but can't make a real connection (has a '!').
There might be a problem with tethering or priorities:

$ netcfg
rmnet_usb0 UP                      0x00000041
wlan0    UP                       0x00001043

I have to turn off mobile data to get a network connection.

Now I want to learn how to reset the wifi stack to get rid of the problem without starting from scrach. Where is the culprit?

My setup is a Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE with Optimised CM12.1 by AnteresOne. Xposed and Xprivacy as well as AFWall+ are installed.

  • So far I tried to delete wpa_supplicant and the whole /data/misc/wifi folder and even flash clean system and just restore /data. Jun 27 '15 at 12:28

Solution was in my case: Deactivate AFwall+ 2.0alpha2. The app caused connection problem.

A solution that didn't help: Updating your modem/non-hlos to the latest version for your country/carrier.

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