I've recently encrypted my Samsung Galaxy S3 (with CyanogenMod 11-20141115-SNAPSHOT-M12-i9300 installed) using vdc enablecrypto wipe, and since then I've been having a problem with the Wi-Fi radio on that phone. When I try to connect to my Wi-Fi network, this error message gets saved in the system log:

INFO/wpa_supplicant(7306): wlan0: CTRL-EVENT-ASSOC-REJECT bssid=[CENSORED] status_code=1

It does connect when I'm really close to the router though. However, as soon as the signal drops past -40 dB, the phone can no longer reach hosts outside of my local network, although it stays connected to the Wi-Fi network itself.

Despite all that, mobile data (HSPA+) works flawlessly. Could anyone help me with the Wi-Fi though?

EDIT: I tried performing a full wipe in my TWRP recovery and reinstalling CyanogenMod, but that didn't fix the issue.

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It appears the problem was caused by a corrupted installation of the Xposed Framework - the issue got solved as soon as I reinstalled it.

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