Before we get into question, I will explain what happened in my android.

Earlier, I got random bug in my Android that causing my OS got "Half-restored factory settings."

By the means Half-restored, some of my basic configurations are reverted to default (wallpaper, Settings, LINE, Facebook, Browsers, even Google Accounts) while some apps are not reverted. I wonder why.

Then I found that all apps that I installed on SDCard are considered uninstalled by my Android, though the ASEC files are still there.

The apps are still there in .android_secure in SDCard

And when I looked up into /data/data/, all data are still there as well.

via Titanium Backup. Apps considered uninstalled, yet ASEC and data are exist as well.

Then, I tried to manually mount .asec files (tutorial here) and successfully mount the .asec into /mnt/asec//. APK, data, library and configs are there as well, too.

But unfortunately, even after I mounted the asec manually, it still considered not installed yet by OS.


So those events and conditions raise me questions:

  1. Is there any command, or configuration/text that I can edit to make those mounted ASEC apps considered installed?
  2. How to reinstall those apps without losing orphaned data? (because if I reinstall the app, the app will go to /data/app partition and the /data/data will be overwritten)

Thanks for reading, I'll look forward for the answer.

Additional Info

For additional info, I use ZTE N986 on 4.2.1 Android Jellybean OS (official stockrom), rooted (obviously) + Xposed.

This accident occurs whenever the android has battery collapsed (0% and turned off by itself), though it's not always (even rarely). It's just I experienced this bug numerous times and this always happens when I have 0% battery.

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