Trying to change my wallpaper from the android Settings app, I tap 'From Gallery' on the film strip at the bottom which launches Google Photos. From there I select the photo I want, and it returns to the settings app with the message "Unable to load photo."

If I switch the default photo app to Gallery and use it to select an image stored on my phone, it works, but that doesn't allow me to access photos from my Google account.

If I launch Photos itself I can set an image as the wallpaper, but that doesn't let me change the lock screen unlike going through Settings.

It all worked fine yesterday and I'm not sure what's changed. Restarting the phone hasn't helped, and neither has uninstalling and reinstalling Photos or clearing its cache.


I've never used google photos myself, but this sounds like it just needs you to download the photo to your local memory then set that to your wallpaper? I don't see why that wouldn't work...

Hope this helps


For anyone who encounters this problem in the future, this is being caused because you have Media Storage disabled. Enable it and you will be able to load your images and set your wallpapers again.

Go to Settings - Apps - Click Show System Apps (top right) - Scroll to Media Storage and click Enable

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