I am having nexus 4 from my friends and I had a small issue with that.When i lift the call and place it my ear the screen was turning off when i remove from my ear then again it wont turn on please tellme which sensor will able to do that and I want to disable that sensor can any one tell me how to disable sensor


Open up your Phone app, then tap the Menu/Overflow button and select the 'Settings' action. There should be an option to disable the sensor in those settings.

If there isn't, download the Xposed Framework Installer, open it up then select 'Framework' and 'Update/Install'. Reboot, then install the Disable Proximity module. Open up the Xposed Installer again, select Modules, check the box beside 'Disable Proximity' and reboot again.

  • You'll need to root your device first. I did that with TowelRoot. The module is now called Sensor Disabler. – JasonPlutext Jul 22 '16 at 11:20

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