there. I am hoping to take apart a Samsung Galaxy s5. The trouble is that there is small black ring that has displaced and it is partially covering the front facing camera. I am not completely sure what caused this.

If it were my phone I would not be too worried about taking it apart. I want to make sure I understand what I need to do.

Here is a video I found that disassembles the phone. I believe that up until about 2:40 in that video is all I really need to do to get access to the front-facing camera and the displaced ring. Hopefully that will provide enough space to move the ring back in to place.

What I am looking for is an answer to the following question. In order to remove the screen I need to heat the phone up so as to loosen the glue.

When I go to put the screen back on, will re-heating the phone be sufficient to make the original glue set again? Or will I need to buy some replacement glue in order for the screen to sit securely again?

Perhaps someone out there has some experience with this. Cheers!

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