I wanted to start afresh completely wipe my Moto x (xt1052) and install "liquidsmooth" rom.

everyone was going well, i went into recovery, wiped the device, and as i tried to push the zip over i was met with the error message "device not found"

I went over to device manager and for some reason windows is recognizing my phone as xt1060 and not xt1052. i believe this is why its probably not being recognised in adb.

I have no idea to fix, my phone is being recognised as another phone so it cant even install right driver...

  • Have you tried using the drivers from Motorola Device Manager? Installing that should replace the driver you have now. – dantis Jun 28 '15 at 5:10
  • yes i have, i even tried installing it manually from the drivers folder. – Tobi Jun 28 '15 at 5:33

install drivers for your phone look for drivers at

  • your phone manufacturer's website or
  • look at your chipset manufacturer's website.

if Driver didn't install properly turn off Driver signature enforcement on windows from boot options

Link for how to disabled Driver signature enforcement

and install drivers reboot your PC plug in your phone

hope that helped cheers !!!

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