I have a very peculiar problem on my Android [Samsung Galaxy 5(five)]. Every time I send a text message, it is stuck at 'Sending...' and can be stuck on that for days until it shows that it has failed to send the message. Sometimes I send 3 messages at a go and they end up being sent. Sometimes even this does not work.

What could be the problem? What can I do to rectify? Desperate!

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  • Can happen due to low network signal or problems in messaging number. Have you tried a different SMS app just to see if it works better? – Irfan Dec 11 '12 at 7:33

When this happens to me, I disable the data on the device and re-enable it and the message usually goes through. You can also just try switching to airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode.


This happens sometimes. I believe its a bug with the messaging app. I used to have this. I suggest force closing the application (Settings -> Manage Application -> Messaging -> Force Stop)

Once done, just reboot for safe measure. This should fix your problem. :)


I faced a similar problem on my LG Android handset, but then I realized that I hadn't done my 'SMS cleanup' for the last 6 months. I deleted all old messages, then things started working fine! It turned out to be a basic maintenance issue.

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