I've enabled Auto-backup in the new Google Photos app. And I have excluded some folders from being backed-up. But this seems to be all or nothing. I want some of the photos in those excluded folders to be backed up. Any way to do that?

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    Nope, not possible. You can upload the photos manually, but there would be no point specifying certain filenames to be automatically backed up, because they would never change.
    – user43185
    Jun 29, 2015 at 19:30

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I've been trying to do what you're asking for a while and I think I've found a way. Upload the pic to Google Drive and go into pic info. From there click 'send to' and select 'upload to photos'. The pic/pics you uploaded should be in the 'photos' section of Google Photos. After that you can delete it from Drive. Hope this helps

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