I have a Cruz Tablet (T301) that runs Android 2.2.1. I do not remember if my tablet originally came with a cord or not, but I have a cord that originally goes to a camera of mine that fits both the USB port and the port that fits my tablet, and so used it to connect to the computer. Upon doing so, I received the notification to turn on my USB storage on my tablet device, which I did. However, even though my USB storage is in use, I noticed that my computer did not recognize my tablet as a removable storage.

Is my tablet not allowed to connect to computers to be recognized as removable storage? If not, what do I have to do so the computer will recognize my tablet? If my computer does recognize my tablet, where do I go to find it on the computer so I can transfer files, since it is not showing up under the devices and drives sector of the computer?

I do not know if this will be helpful, but I've noticed that the only thing that has been working is the tablet's registration of charge: it seems to be charging just fine.

Upon rising to my suspicion, I thought about if it had anything to do with the SD card. Safely removing it, I turned the SD card over to an adapter, hoping that maybe a more direct link will do something. Much to my dismay, I saw nothing. I remember changing the format or something of that nature of one of the SD cards on my phone, and my phone is an Android 2.3. I think that was the SD card, but did I make a mistake doing so?


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Right-click those links and manually download or here is the full link for USB driver.

Read this article on how to install the drivers.

After installing the drivers, see if you can see the Cruz from your PC. If not, reformat the SD card in the T301, put it in your PC, and copy a file to it. Then back in the Cruz and see if you can at least see the file. Though not a direct solution, at least you will be able to copy files back and forth.

If that does not work, try the same process with a different SD card. If that still does not work, try formatting an SD card in the PC, copy a file to it, then put it the Cruz. The idea is to get you to the point where something works.

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