I carry a Cruz Tablet (T301) with Android 2.2.1. A long time ago, when my tablet used to work remotely fine, I remember having a place to where I could obtain apps, just as long as I had internet. After my factory reset, I haven't been able to find any apps on my tablet where I can download a market for apps. Adding onto the fact I keep getting kicked off the internet, there is very little I know that I can do. Does anyone have any suggestions for application markets, if and when my internet is restored to normal?


When you flash with a new ROM as I posted here, you should have access to the Google play store for apps.

  • I cannot get Google Play because it is not under the list of supported devices. – Cruz T301 Enthusiast Jul 2 '15 at 23:26
  • This does not matter. Support for the Play Store is built into the new ROM. Your device will actually be better than original - one of the benefits of using a custom ROM> – cb4 Jul 9 '15 at 13:17

You might wish to take a look at my list of App Markets: There's e.g. the free and open F-Droid with its own market app, and there's Aptoide, also with its own market app. And of course there's Amazon, and there are plenty more.

Of additional interest for you:

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