I have tried holding volume down and power multiple times, i can't access the boot menu. I tried accessing it every way possible with no success. I cant get into the phone to reset because I don't remember the password. How can i reset the phone or get into it somehow?

  • Have you tried the advice from HTC's pages? They e.g. mention you should first remove the battery for a few seconds, re-insert it, pressing vol-down, and only then press and hold the power button – and keep both buttons pressed until "the screen with the three Android images" appears. – Izzy Jul 27 '15 at 0:06

When your phone starts and you connect it to your PC you can restart your phone into bootloader using adb (USB-Debugging has to be enabled).

  1. Connect device to PC and be sure that the drivers are installed
  2. Download the Android-SDK (it includes adb) or find a stand alone on google
  3. navigate to this folder and run adb devices
  4. when your Device is shown your drivers are correctly installed, if not check this
  5. Now run adb reboot-bootloader and you are done

If USB-Debugging is disabled you have to try it with the hardware buttons. Remember that you have to press (and hold) the volume-down-button first and then press (and hold) the power-button until the Android images appear. You can also try to remove the battery for a few minutes and try again, sometimes this helps

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