I want to install my work email address on gmail on an Android device. The device is a Samsung 10" with Lollipop 5.1.1. Gmail version is 5.3.9xxxxxx. Following this:
Gmail 5.0 With Exchange Support And Material Design Has Landed | Android Police
it shows 3 options, the last being "Exchange". My device has only the first 2 options. Why


The Exchange option is only available for users with the Exchange Services package installed. Unfortunately, this package doesn't come installed on all Android phones (as far as I know, only the Nexus devices come with it preinstalled) and isn't available on the Play Store. However, I did find a link where the apk file can be downloaded from. After installation, the Exchange option should appear when attempting to add an account (reboot possibly required).

Disclaimer: I myself have a Nexus device and already had the package installed. I have not attempted to use the link included in this answer and cannot vouch for its safety.

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