I am normally soft-spoken, and I hate broadcasting my conversations on the phone, but on both iPhones and Androids I am forced to do this - i.e. speak loudly, or the other party cannot hear me.

Why, and is there any way I can avoid not having to speak so loudly? I've scoured for ages of ways to increase the microphone sensitivity, tried apps that would supposedly do this, rooted my phone, etc, but nothing helps.

I'd expect that in the current age, the microphone sensitivity would automatically be adjusted - as it is in VoIP solutions like Skype.

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    What's with the question title? Do you want to reduce the pitch of your voice or increase the microphone sensitivity? – Huey Jul 2 '15 at 8:49

It really depends on your version of android / what phone you have / root access etc..

However, if you had a Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 then there are some hidden settings:


That is a really old article though.

More information about your phone would really help in this case.

I will update my answer if I get more details.

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