I use the stock Xperia "backup & restore" app to backup data like contacts, call log etc.
Then I want to backup the backup to dropbox, but I cannot find the backup anywhere on the sd card.
anyone has any idea where the backup is?


On the Sony Xperia Z5 Compact, seems to be this file SD-Card/Android/data/SonyBnR/Backup

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On Sony Xperia Z1 Compact without an SD card (or when storage destination of "Internal Storage" is selected), the backups are located at /sdcard/.semc-fullbackup (or equivalently /storage/sdcard0/.semc-fullbackup, or /storage/emulated/legacy/.semc-fullbackup).

It seems to be exposed over MTP as \Internal storage\storage\emulated\legacy but gives errors when trying to copy it. So, it needs to copied from within the phone to some other location.

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The backups are located in folder ".semc-fullbackup" on your SD card.

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