I am about to wipe the stock ROM from my LG G3 and put in Resurrection Remix to get 5.1.1. My current stock ROM runs 4.4.2 of Android. In prep I downloaded the GApps and ROM zip files to "/storage/external_SD". I see them in there just fine.

I also told my Titanium Backup program to backup everything in the system for good measure. It seems to only backup to "/storage/emulated/legacy/TitaniumBackup". That is fine except I want to be completely sure this is going to the external SD card before I go wiping anything.

From what I have read it seems like "/storage/emulated/legacy" may be going to the external SD card. However that is a bit unclear.

Are there simply two partitions on the external SD card? Are both of those paths on the SD card? Is there an easy way to tell?


On most phones, /storage/emulated/legacy, /storage/sdcard0, /sdcard points to the internal memory rather than the external SD card (but if you want to be completely sure, open up a Terminal Emulator and type the mount command with no arguments).

Titanium Backup does allow changing the backup path though.

  1. Open the app → press the Menu button and select Preferences ....
  2. Scroll down to find the Backup folder location option and select it.
  3. In the popup, tap on Storage provider and select Filesystem storage - Ext. SD card -- this will display the contents of your external SD card
  4. Select a folder to choose as your backup location, or choose Use the current folder to make Titanium Backup save backups onto the root directory of your card.

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