I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S5, Note 3 Neo and Galaxy Grand 2 here in Saudi Arabia. I intend to give the latter two as gifts (the Galaxy S5 is mine) to family in the Philippines. I read online that some Samsung devices are region-locked to prevent gray market transactions. Is there any way that I can unlock these devices so that my family and I can use them?

  • Where did you buy these phones? Phones can be network locked, like they are in the US if you buy it on contract from a carrier but I don't think they do that in the middle east.
    – bobbyalex
    Commented Jul 3, 2015 at 2:23

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It seems you can get around the region lock by using the phone to make calls for at least 5 minutes using a SIM card obtained in the region where the phone was purchased.

GSM Arena has a post on this.

The article also notes that the region lock is for countries in the Europe region.

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