I have 2 SIMs from BSNL and TataDoCoMo. Tata Sim is inserted in Sim A where Internet works very well in home and roaming. Couple of days back I purchased BSNL Sim and inserted it in Sim B but Internet did not work. After all the self troubleshooting & help from BSNL helpline, nothing worked but when I swapped the sims, Internet worked without any hiccups on BSNL sim but stopped working on Tata SIM. Please help....................


This is because Only Sim A has the 3G support , Sim B is not 3G supporting for Moto G2. However you can use 2G in your Sim B

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  • I think OP said Internet not working, not internet working slowly. The last time I used my phone in 2G, I had the Internet access. – user109933 Jul 3 '15 at 16:38

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