The Android version is 4.4.2. When I open Google Play Store, it says "Error, no connection"But when I open browser I can load pages like Google.com.

I tried clearing cache, logging with other Google account, but it isn't working.

Any ideas to resolve the issue?

EDIT: I downloaded Anututu and it says that there is root access..


Try going to Settings > Applications and finding Google Play Services. Clear the cache and force stop the app. If that doesn't work, try clearing data instead of cache and then force stopping it.

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  • I can't clear the data, also I can't Force stop it, because I can't press the button..Clearing cache didn't help.. :\ – sn0k3 Jul 7 '15 at 7:28
  • Sounds strange: If you cannot clear its data, have you setup a Google account at all (and if so, when)? Is the "uninstall updates" button enabled (also check this for the Google Play Store app)? For how long are you using the device already? – Izzy Jul 7 '15 at 8:54
  • Yes, I've logged in my google account. I tryed clearing the data from Google Play Store app, and force stopping it, but it didn't work..There is no button uninstall updates..The device is new, from 1 day. – sn0k3 Jul 7 '15 at 10:39

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