After figuring out how to flash the official Cyanogenmod 11 to my GS3 I thought it was time to pick up a new project, the unofficial 12.

So for some reason I can't flash the unofficial Cyanogenmod 12.1 on my Galaxy S3.

I'm following these install instructions, along with the ones from the CM website because I'm still a bit new.

I flashed the TWRP recovery just fine, I've never used it before, and then pushed the zip to the phone and tried to install. But I get this error:

Updating partition details...
Full SELinux support is present.
Running boot script...

Finished running boot script.
MTP Enabled
Installing '/sdcard/cm-12.1-20150516-UNOFFICIAL-temasek-i9300-V11.5.zip'...
Checking for MD5 file...
Skipping MD5 check: no MD5 file found
This package is for device: m0, i9300, GT-I9300; this device is d2tmo.
E: Error executing updater binary in zip '/sdcard/cm-12.1-20150516-UNOFFICIAL-temasek-i9300-V11.5.zip'
Error flashing zip '/sdcard/cm-12.1-20150516-UNOFFICIAL-temasek-i9300-V11.5.zip'
Updating partition details...

Now I realize that it tells me the issue is that the build is made for i9300 and not d2tmo. I have the T-Mobile one. Is there a version for this phone? Or have a just made a huge mistake and misunderstood what the issue is?


You should never try and flash software from a different device, or a different model of the same device. You could end up bricking your phone.

Regardless, d2mo has official CyanogenMod support. You can use the CyanogenMod installer or download a flashable zip from here.

  • Thank you. I didn't realize that I was using the wrong one. I also didn't realize that Cyanogenmod had an official version.
    – Code-E
    Jul 8 '15 at 15:17

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