I just realized there is new icon in my status bar on left of sound icon

enter image description here

I don't have clue what is that icon, thus I also can't search information about it.

Anyone has advise?


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It's the Battery Stamina Mode (Two hands holding the battery).


Battery STAMINA Mode builds on the same technology as Extended Standby Mode. You can turn it off if your dont want it in the Power management Settings page.

Starting one minute after the screen has been turned off, data traffic is automatically blocked and background activities are prevented from waking up the system.

When Battery STAMINA Mode is running, you will also get power management tips to help you save even more energy, and keep your device going even longer. For example, if Battery STAMINA Mode is turned off and you leave your device with the screen turned off for six hours or more, you will get a recommendation in the notification bar to turn on Battery STAMINA Mode. You will also be notified about apps that consume a lot of power. [Ref.]

You can also White list some imporatant apps, thus allowing them to run in the background.

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