I would like my app on Work Profile user (https://www.android.com/intl/en_us/work/) to connect to a server with a cert. Since Work Profile user shares Settings with Owner user, I installed a cert from the Settings (Security -> Install from internal storage/SD card). My app of Owner connects to a server with a cert correctly, but for Work Profile, it cannot.

Would you please tell me how I should do in order to make Work Profile recognize a cert?

Environment : Android 5.x on Nexus5 / 9

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To install a user ca certificate into work profile you will need root access.

Installing user certificates into work profile:

  1. Install an exported certificate normal way
  2. Get a root shell
adb root; adb shell
  1. Verify certificate and hash is installed.
# an example would be 1000_CACERT_*
ls /data/misc/keystore/user_0/<CACERT>
# example: 81c450f1.0
ls /data/misc/user/0/cacerts-added/<xxxxxxxx.0>
  1. Move them to the work profile
cd /data/misc/keystore/
mv user_0/<CACERT> user_10/
cd /data/misc/user
mkdir 10/cacerts-added
mv 0/cacerts-added/<xxxxxxxx.0> 10/cacerts-added/

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