I lost one of my phone 2 months ago. I've sometimes checked Android device manager to locate it and try locking it, but recently my lost phone disappears from the list ! How it can happen ? Does a person know the way to skip this link in order to use or to sell the lost phone ? I still have the original box of this phone (with its IMEI). Please help, thank you.

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When the playstore is logged in from a new account,your previous account will notify that the device is removed from the playstore device list. so it will not show your old phone.

  • Is there any way to identify the new "owner"? Jan 30, 2017 at 12:30

As soon as the new "owner" factory-resets the device, it no longer has a Google account associated – and thus the link to ADM dies. Same if the account is removed from the device: Google services no longer have a way to query the device using your account information, as the device won't recognize those anymore.

There are also other possibilities:

  • battery is empty, so the device died.
  • battery was removed
  • dedive went into airplane mode
  • device was placed on a train track, and a train passed on top of it
  • device was drowned in the sea and short-circuited

Many more possibilities, but I better stop here – you've got the idea ;)

  • All other possibilities, possibly not the a case of removal of account, not even humorously Oct 21, 2017 at 7:46

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