I wish to show only contact name during incoming call, for some privacy reasons I wish to hide numbers and display only contact name.

I won't usually pick up anonymous calls, is there any option to achieve this?

Android version 4.4 and without root option is preferable.


You can also try using Lollipop Call Free which shows only the Contact name and its same as the Lollipop style calling screen and theme which you can customize the way to want to.


It seems that there is no out-of-the-box way to achieve this. Maybe knowing the device that you're using will help (by editing your question, or commenting on it), but I doubt that.

That being said, You can achieve your goal with an app, like Full Screen Caller ID. In there, at Settings->Display there are check boxes for Display phone number and Display name.

Personally, I wasn't too impressed with this app, but it does what you wanted.

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