My power button is broken, and unfortunately you cannot take the battery out to turn it on like I seen in youtube tutorials, therefore Im seeking for anyones help to tell me how to turn it on? I also tried the volume keys; don't work...


  • Unfortunately adb wont help if the phone is switched off completely. Did you try plugging it in charger or connecting to pc?
    – samnaction
    Jul 14, 2015 at 7:08

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I guess there's no other way than opening the case and manually shorting out power button pins for 1 - 2 secs.

It's not that hard, I've done that with my HTC Desire before. :) Just google for "disassemble HTC One Mini"

Just one tip: If the case refuses to open, do not try too hard, maybe you're just doing it wrong, think first, then do, it should open easily without putting much pressure and power Good luck

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