Thanks for not scrolling by after the first half. This happens in Firefox, irrespective of which site used. The first time it offered the choice of downloading using play or downloads. Naturally I clicked the app I'd be opening it in. Now it just opens the file. After resetting the app preferences three time and closing both promhams after resetting and before trying again. With no obvious solution in Firefox settings. I'm out. Do any of you have any suggestions? Have a nice day.

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  1. In the Firefox address bar, enter about:config.
  2. search for download.preferred.
  3. After the search had filtered some items, You will see a preference named browser.download.preferred.audio/mpeg whose value is probably com.google.android.music.
  4. Tap the Reset button at the lower right corner of this preference.

Future tip: To see preferences you modified yourself, enter about:support, and check under Important Modified Preferences.

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