I downloaded Freedom app, but I didn't find it interesting, so I uninstalled it completely. After a while I tried opening my Google Play Store, but it didn't open and shows: "No connection - retry".

So I logged myself out of Google to see if the problem is resolved or not. But unfortunately, it didn't, and now, I am not able to log into my Google account, and ultimately, unable to use Google Play Store. How can I solve this issue?


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You need to get Freedom again. Open Freedom, tap the three dots on the top-right corner and tap Stop as in the picture shown above.


See my answer here.


Remove your Google account from phone.
To do this, go to Settings -> Accounts. Now removal process depends on device and OS version so you will have to find how to remove it on your own.

Now go to Settings -> Apps -> Google Play services -> Delete Data/Clear Cache. Do the same procedure for Google Play Store app.

Reboot device and try to add account again.

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