I would like to add a restricted profile. I'm on an Xperia Z2 tablet (so not on a phone, where you can't use restricted profiles) running Android 5.0.2 and I'm the "Owner".

When I go to Settings > Users there is no option Add user or profile, only Add user. When I tap Add user no Restricted profile option is shown:

enter image description here

Also when I tap OK no options regarding restricted profiles are offered.

According to this support article by Sony on multiple users, it should be possible on the Z2.

I tried adding a PIN screen lock for the Owner account. That did change the information in the alert shown when adding a new user, but that didn't show the restricted profile option.


I turns out that LTE versions of the Xperia tablets (tablets with a SIM slot) are treated as if they are a phone, so the option is disabled:


I opened an issue at Google:


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