About My Phone:

Model Name: Asus Zenfone 5 ( Rooted )

Version: Lolliop 5.0

About My Laptop:

Model Name: B460e

OS: Windows 8

Not Having Wifi and Bluetooth.

I used Broadband connection for my laptop.

I am already tried "Reverse Tethering" and "Easy Tether Lite". These method is not suitable for my phone.

How can i connect my laptop internet to my android mobile?

  • Are you sure your laptop does not have a wifi adapter? I haven't seen one without. Try setting up a WiFi-hotspot on your laptop and connect to it from your phone (that definitely has a WiFi adapter). – GiantTree Jul 16 '15 at 14:46

You can do this using Connectify software. I had recently put up a thread on a different site. My PC too doesn't have a WiFi module. My proposal was to use an external USB WiFi module, and then turn that into a hotspot. People in Physics Forums (check the second link) have said that in principle, this should be possible.

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