When I perform this df mnt/sdcard/ on my Xperia Z1 Compact, I get:

Filesystem               Size     Used     Free   Blksize
mnt/sdcard/             11.8G     7.9G     3.9G   4096

But when I do for el in $(ls -a mnt/sdcard/); do du -sh "mnt/sdcard/${el}"; done I get that.

So, the sum is much less than 7.9G. Where has the remaining space gone?


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Android's internal storage is made up of many symbolic links. They point towards different locations of your phone's storage.

/mnt/sdcard internally links to /data/media. This directory just contains your user data but no applications or application data.
/data/ contains multiple directories containing the apps (/data/app) or the app data (/data/data) that all contribute to the used storage.

What you see using df is the total storage statistics of the whole partition, even though you run it on /mnt/sdcard. Citing the Linux manual: df - report file system disk space usage.
This means it takes into account all files and folders on that partition even though you are using a directory of the partition as the parameter.

Conclusion: df returns the statistics for the complete partition, but you are just looking at one directory inside of it.

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