My wife's phone is a ZTE N9130 and it has a rather odd problem when recording video. It'll record, but then the video doesn't appear in the camera application for you to review. In fact, no videos do.

  • If you go to the gallery application, they aren't there either.
  • If you go to the video player, it looks like no video again.
  • But, if I go into the File Manager and navigate to SD Card/DCIM/Camera, then I can see them. You can then tap one and it'll run in the video player.

This is really annoying. It seems like the camera, gallery and video apps are all missing the videos that are on the SD card. Any way to fix this?

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    First thing coming to my mind: check the path "upwards" (i.e. start at /sdcard/DCIM/Camera, then /sdcard/DCIM, then /sdcard) and see whether there's a file named .nomedia. If so, remove it. But if that's the cause, photos shouldn't show up either. So try one more thing: reboot the device and check if the videos show up in gallery etc. after that. Let us know about the outcome then. Good luck!
    – Izzy
    Commented Jul 18, 2015 at 18:57
  • @Izzy: A reboot was the first thing I tried (this phone has had a number of intermittent problems that are fixed by a reboot). I looked for .nomedia and don't see it anywhere. And as you say, I would have expected that to block the photos in the same folder which it doesn't appear to do. Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 18:49
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    Afraid if a reboot doesn't make them turn up I'm out of ideas; and while I don't expect it to help, maybe you try some of the MediaScanner triggering apps?
    – Izzy
    Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 19:37

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Hopefully I'm not too late.

I had the same problem I had been looking for my videos for months. After reading what Izzy replies to you, I realized I was searching the right folder but in the wrong area.

Go to your file manager app icon, it should look like a folder. Once you open it, select phone which is to the immediate right of category. Now you should see a list of different folders. Click on camera and scroll all the way to the very bottom passed all the photos, you should begin to see a small purple triangle indicating videos.

I hope that helps you out.

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