I'm changing the MAC address on my Android device; however, once I change it I get disconnected from the WiFi network that I'm connected to and then I'm unable to reconnect to the WiFi.

I realized that I can connect to unsecure WiFi but not secure. I know the MAC address is changing properly because I did packet capturing with WireShark and the spoofed MAC shows as the MAC address of the packets.

I have tried forgetting and reconnecting to the secure WiFi network, but it still doesn't connect. When I changed back the MAC to the original value, it works fine. I can only connect with the real MAC address, but not the spoofed one.

Is there something missing?


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Make sure MAC filtering is disabled on your router or your spoofed address is allowed to connect to the network and try again.


Perhaps the router is smarter than you thought or the Mac address isn't spoofed properly....you need to format your Android phone to be able to reconnect to other WiFi

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    That seems pretty extreme... can you explain and justify that as to exactly why this is the correct answer?
    – acejavelin
    Jul 2, 2018 at 15:49

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