I have a lenovo phone with Android in it. The phone is so infected by auto installed apps for the past few weeks that I've decided to do a factory reset. However, the factory reset happen to reinstall all of those unwanted apps (Takatap, EasyTouch, OmniSwipe, Privacy Guard etc)

Even when I uninstalled those apps before factory reset, it got installed back by the factory reset itself.

How do I remove these apps?

I've tried: - Disable auto restore - formatted sd card

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    Are they system apps, or user apps? – Arielle Jul 25 '15 at 7:28
  • I'm sure it's user apps. I don't think lenovo actually install Takatap? and a bunch of other useless auto-reinstall apps? – Sufendy Jul 27 '15 at 3:12

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